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ACTUNITED realises impact

through concrete actions

‘by and for people’.

Our 7 levers for sustainable business :

1.As human beings, employees and other internal and external stakeholders need more than ever intrinsic motivation : room for personal commitment at work and beyond.

2.Customers also choose companies and brands with a relevant business commitment: an authentic engagement with added value for the world around.

3.Commitment gives meaning to the lives of employees, employers, customers,… : it offers more pleasure, enthusiasm at work, in everyday live, for projects and for the future.

4.Commitment “by people” also allows a company to detect and resolve problems in and around organizations much faster: based on that intrinsic motivation in action.

5.In addition, joint commitment “for people” helps to better respond to what is going on in the world : through that collaboration with the various stakeholders.

6.Joint commitment in action “by and for people” makes it possible to take on complex challenges and thus realize a business with a sustainable impact.

7.The SDGs, the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN, offer a generally accepted meaningful frame of reference to “make the world a better place in 2030”.

ACTUNITED fosters commitment by people, cooperation for people, high impact leadership and meaningful work  in and around businesses and organizations. We activate, co-create and mobilize committed cooperation tailored on your business. Contact us with your challenges and as cooperation platform we will be happy to help you to develop your business with impact.